Cedar Creek Interior is a construction company that provides general contracting for commercial tenant improvement projects and subcontracting in drywall, framing, acoustic ceilings, tape float, and paint for commercial projects.

As a General Contractor, our responsibilities include; creating and managing the schedule, hiring subcontractors, quality assurance, field management, and collaboration with engineers and architects to complete the project per code and plans.

A priority we share with our clients is delivering the project on schedule. Using our own labor force to accomplish certain portions of the project without discussion or negotiation allows us to provide a project quicker than other general contractors. Our labor team can perform demolition, drywall, framing, acoustic ceilings, installation of doors & hardware, tape float & paint, and many other miscellaneous construction tasks. With one phone call, we can have a crew begin a project the same day.

The difficulty of each project depends on the subcontractors the GC is working with. Cedar Creek Interior has a team of subcontractors that are not only experienced and qualified but are passionate about their trade. To them, this isn’t a job, it’s their life’s work.

As Subcontractor, our responsibilities include; building the project per plans, quality assurance, field management, and collaboration with General Contractor to assure that the final product is per the client’s request.

Communication is a critical component of our success as a construction company. Many things can get lost in translation through digital communication and in-person conversations. However, we try our best to make sure there are no misunderstandings when defining what the scope of work will be.

Flexibility is another component that allows us to finish a project on time and a reason clients return to us. Those in the construction industry understand that many things will not go as planned due to unexpected circumstances. However, we are incentivized to find a way around problems and our team has many years on the field. It is likely we have run into the issue in the past and know how to fix it. Our incentive to work around issues makes us a great subcontractor if you want your project finished on time.

The Owners

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